If you are a boy born in 2006 please email [email protected] with your name, DOB and a contact phone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


All other age groups have very limited spots, so if you are interested please email Kate at [email protected] for more information

All NEW players receive a free bag and pair of socks, please ensure you do not try and purchase these on our Sharks Shop.  You will be given these on Merchandise Day – March 17th, 2019.

ALL returning players, players joining our club for the first time or players transferring from another club, MUST be registered for insurance purposes.

As part of the registration process it is a requirement that as a player and parent you have read through our Club policies, to save time at registration please click here to access our policies.

Please email [email protected] if you have any issues with registration.


All registrations are:
First Player $290
Additional players from same family $260*
* In order to receive multi-player discounts, families must register siblings at the same time.


Player registration age requirements
It is important that all players are registered in their correct age groups. Age groups are determined by the age that the child is on the 1st of January of the current year.

2011 – Under 8
2010 – Under 9
2009 – Under 10
2008 – Under 11
2007 – Under 12
2006 – Under 13
2005 – Under 14
2004 – Under 15   Season 2019 FULL
2003 – Under 16 Girls
2002/2003 – Colts
2001/2002 – Youth Girls


How much are Registration Fees?

No Fee increases for 2019:

1st Player – $290

2nd & subsequent player – $260

I played with Sharks in Season 2018. When can I sign up for 2019?

Registration for Returning Players will open on December 3rd, 2018 and remain open until teams are complete. All 2018 players will be emailed a link to the registration form at the email address attached to the player’s footyweb record last season. If you have not received this email by December 1st, 2018, check your Junk folder, and failing that, please email [email protected].


Returning Players should register immediately to maintain their priority registration status.

Is there a Registration Day where we can come down to the club and register there?

Not any more. All registrations are now done online. Merchandise Day at the club will be 24th March 2019 or you can purchase online at our Shark Shop



What has changed with the registration process from Season 2018?

As a priority, it is important that you familiarise yourself with our registration policy which we have slightly amended from Season 2017.  We have found it necessary to do this so to ensure that all players have a fair chance of playing in teams that have adequate numbers to put a full team on the ground each week.  We will be enforcing this policy strictly in Season 2019. This policy can be found at on our website under Season 2019 – Policies.


In the payment screen you will see 3 product items listed:

$81.50 which is the component of your annual membership which goes to the YJFL

$33.50 which is your First Aid Levy to the YJFL. This allows for medics to be present at all games throughout the league, and

$175.00 – $145.00 which is your Sharks Levy.  This helps us grow and development your child and our club.

What age group will my child play in for the 2019 Season?


Year of BirthAge Group for 2019 JFL Boys Competition
2011, 2012 to April 30thU8s
2002, 2003Colts


Year of BirthAge Group for 2019 YJFL Girls Competition




2002-2001Youth Girls

Why is it important that I register within the “returning players priority window"?

A Priority Registration Period for Returning Players will be opened to new players. Returning Players who register in this period will be given priority in team placement for the coming season ahead of players new to the club.

Returning players can still register after the priority period until all registrations close but will not receive priority due to team numbers.

My child was born on 1st May 2012, one day after cut off, and is very big for his/her age, can he/she play?

No. This is both the policy of the club and a rule of the YJFL. Players of this age can play Auskick in 2019.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

My child is of age group U10s by birth, but their best friends are a bit younger and are playing U9s, can he/she play down an age level in U9s?

No. Players are not permitted to play down an age level in any grade. Occasionally an exemption maybe granted upon application to the YJFL on medical grounds, supported by doctor’s advice and a medical certificate.

My son will be U10 (U11 or U12) in Season 2019 and I would like some guidance on which team development option to select?

If you are looking for guidance on this question you should discuss with your Season 2018 coach or contact the Club Football Director at [email protected].

As guidance, players wanting to be considered for the team in the highest grade, should see football as their priority sport in winter, be available for all training and matches in the season, appreciate that the focus of training is about match situation development, not be concerned whether their team mates are from their current friendship cohort and also be prepared to play a varied number of positions throughout the season.

My son is in the under 13 age group and I would like to understand more about the grading process in this age group.

We have had a successful grading policy that has been in operation for many years.  This policy can be found at

My child would like to play up an age group. Is that possible?

For girls the YJFL allows players play up to 2 age groups above their nominal age group where is is deemed appropriate by the relevant stakeholders of the club, you should address your request to [email protected].

For boys please refer to the Sharks 2019 Team Composition Policy where we only allow players to play up an age group if they are able to play in the highest graded team in the upper age group. Please read the policy for a full understanding.

How do I make sure my child is in a team with all his / her friends from school?

Please refer to the Sharks 2019 Team Composition Policy where we request that at registration you nominate three friends that your child would like to be in a team with.  The club will guarantee they are grouped with at least one of those friends. If no names are listed we will randomly allocate that player into a team. This is for all returning and new players.

If for family and logistical reasons there are specific families that should be grouped together (limited to 3 families), please contact [email protected] for us to consider your request.

Are there any modified rules for the younger age groups?

Yes. There will be reduced numbers of players on the field for U8s (12 player on field) and U9s (15 players). Oval sizes will be smaller. There is no scoring, ladder or finals for these age groups.

Is tackling involved?

There is no tackling in U8s.


For U9s and U10s the following ‘Modified Tackle’ rule applies:

Modified Tackle – A player in possession of the ball may be tackled by an opponent wrapping both arms around the area below the top of the shoulders and on/above the knees. The tackle may be from either side or from behind, providing the tackle from behind does not thrust forward player with the ball (i.e. push the player in the back). Bumping is not allowed.

For U11s and up full tackling is permitted.

When does the 2019 Season start?

Round 1 will be played on Sunday April 7th, 2019. The club may arrange practice matches for club teams prior to this date.

Please note Round 1 is on the first weekend of the school holidays so please consider this when planning your holidays.  There is a three week break until Round 2 which is the 28th April 2019.

When will pre-season training start?

This varies from team to team and depends on many factors. Your Team Manager will be in touch soon after teams are announced to advise on training arrangements.

What day will training be?

Most teams train once a week between Tuesday and Thursday at Lynden Park. Football Operations will allocate grounds and times according to the team’s coach’s request and availability. Exact details for your team will probably not be bedded down until some point in March.

What day/time will matches be in the regular season?

The YJFL competition is played on Sundays with matches commencing between 8.45am and 3.00pm. The younger grades play earlier in the day, older grades later. U8s might expect the majority of their games to commence at 8.45am, but may get the odd game starting at 10.00am or even as late as 11.00am on occasions.

How will I get uniform items?

Come to Merchandise Day on the 24th March 2019 at Lynden Park. You can not only get your merchandise but also organise your mouthguard. The time of this day will be advertised on our website and social media closer to the time.

My child has decided football is just not for them, do you have a Refund Policy?

Yes we do have a refund policy.

Due to the logistics around team structure including player numbers and coaching numbers, our refund policy is set that if you withdraw your child prior to the 15th March 2019, we will refund you the Club Levy less a $20 administration charge. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds for withdrawals after this date.

As you will be aware there is a Yarra Junior Football Club League Levy and First Aid Levy that is part of your child’s registration fee. This payment is separate to Camberwell Sharks and as a result the refund must be raised directly with the YJFL – [email protected]


How do I transfer from another club?

If you would like to join the Camberwell Sharks Junior Football Club from another club and have a SportsTG / SportingPulse ID, please contact [email protected] It’s that easy !!!

I am too old for Youth Girls / Colts. Where can I play now?

Camberwell Sharks Junior Football Club has created strong pathways for former players through to Old Scotch Football Club.  Follow this link to Old Scotch for further information