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 Quote from Tim Shearer, President Old Scotch Football Club

 “This victory was an outstanding validation of our special partnership … this result simply would not have occurred without the collaboration between the club and the Camberwell Sharks and Camberwell High. I am enormously proud of the partnership and am delighted that we have provided a professional environment for Camberwell Sharks boys and girls to graduate to. Their participation makes our club a better and stronger place”



Photo Above: 2019 VAFA U19 Premiership Team (full team)
Photo Left:  Camberwell Sharks boys who were a part of the OSFC Under 19 program this year

Under 11 Girls help out by filling in for one of the Under 11 boys teams.

One Club.  One Community. Go Sharks.

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August Monthly Medal

Another great night at our August Monthly Medal with St Kilda players Lewis Pierce and Ed Phillips heading up the evening with our Legend Jacko! Congratulations to all our milestone game players and our monthly medal winners! Thank you to Stratosphere our Under 12...

Sharks Auskick Presentation Day

We held our Presentation Day on Saturday morning with the fun starting with a Dad's V Auskicker's game. And yes the Auskicker's had a convincing win (nothing to do with the Mum's umpiring by the way!). Gianni, our fabulous Auskick Coordinator, did a great job of...

Richmond Players drop in to Shark Park

How lucky were we last week to have a surprise visit from Fraser Turner, David Astbury and Maverick Weller at Shark Park! The kids were so fortunate to get up close and personal with the Richmond superstars! Turner, Astbury and Weller joined in with all the training...

July Monthly Medal

The night was almost so perfect you had to wonder if it was really the middle of winter! The July Monthly Medal was another successful night at Shark Park with the Monthly Medal winners getting the big medal and the chance to shake hands with Dylan Shiel from...

Monthly Medal Nights

Isn't the season flying!  We've had two very successful nights for our recent monthly medals - May and June!  Thank you to everyone involved in getting the nights up and running and volunteering on the night.   MAY MONTHLY MEDAL NIGHT Katie Lynch was a great role...

Mum’s Bellini & Barefoot Bowls

The rain stayed away just long enough for our Mum's to flick off their shoes, sip some Bellini Champagne and have fun barefoot bowling. The MCC Kew Bowling Club was the perfect setting for the afternoon not to mention the food was delicious! Barefoot bowling was a lot...




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